Concurrent Conference Programs

(Track hopping between programs is encouraged)

June 2-4

Accelerating Target Discovery
Advanced Genomic Technologies, Chemical Biology & Phenotypic Screening, Target Degradation

Expanding Chemical & Druggable Space
Encoded Libraries & Macrocyclics, FBDD & Lead Generation, PROTACs

New Small Molecule Drug Targets
RNA, Immunology & Oncology, and the Microbiome

Emerging Indications and Modalities
Progress in CNS and Rare Diseases, Gene and Cell Therapy, Fibrosis and Liver Diseases

Immuno-Oncology Advances
Translational Strategies, Small Molecule Targets and Immune Profiling

Disease Modeling
Developing, Validating, Scaling, and Automating Physiologically Relevant Disease Models

Preclinical Strategies, Models & Tools in Oncology
Translational Strategies, Novel Therapeutics and Tumor Models

Advances in Drug Metabolism & Safety Testing
Optimizing Drug Metabolism, Predicting Drug Toxicity, Assessing New Drug Modalities

Immuno-Oncology Biomarkers
Predictive Biomarkers and Companion Diagnostics for Cancer Immunotherapy

Clinical and Translational Biomarkers
Enabling Advances in Precision Medicine

AI for Drug Discovery and Development
Accelerating Drug Discovery - One Use Case At a Time

June 3-4

Drug Discovery Technologies
Enabling Disruptive Innovation