Attendees as of April 12, 2019


Organization, Title, Department

Abbott Labs, Principal Research Scientist, Biologics Discovery & Design
AbbVie Inc, Research Fellow Drug Discovery, Integrated Sciences & Technology
AbbVie Inc, Head of Molecular & Computational Toxicology, Investigative Toxicology & Pathology
AbbVie Inc, Sr Scientist, Molecular Screening & Characterization
AbbVie Inc, Sr Director & Head, Search & Evaluation Neuroscience
AbbVie Inc, Head, Translational Neuroscience
Abcam Inc, Events Marketing Assistant, Events Marketing
Abcam Inc, Tradeshow Manager
ABL Bio Inc, Principal Scientist, Invivo Pharmacology
ABL Bio Inc, Scientist, R&D
Acceleron Pharma Inc, Sr Research Associate, Preclinical Pharmacology
Acceleron Pharma Inc, Sr Scientist, Translational Science
Accent Therapeutics Inc, Co Founder & President & CSO
ACM Global Central Lab, Director Business Development, Business Development
ACT Genomics Co Ltd, Business Development Executive, Business Development
ACT Genomics Co Ltd, Vice Director Medical Informatics, Medical Informatics
AgenTus Therapeutics Ltd, Sr Director
AgeX Therapeutics Inc, VP Discovery Research, Discovery Research
Albany Molecular Research Inc, VP Global Drug Discovery Business Development, Global Drug Discovery Business Development
Alkermes Inc, Sr Director Discovery, Cell & Molecular Pharmacology
Allevi Inc, Director Bioengineering, Bioengineering
Allevi Inc, CoFounder & CEO
Altis Biosystems, CEO
Altis Biosystems, President
Amgen Inc, GM, Global Products & Early Development
Amgen Inc, Sr Scientist, Neuroscience
Amgen Inc, Director Preclinical, Preclinical
Amgen Inc, Scientist
Amgen Research Munich GmbH, Scientific Director Nonclinical Development, Nonclinical Development
AnaBios Corp, VP R&D, R&D
Apple Tree Partners, Associate
Aquila BioMedical Ltd, Scientific Liaison & Manager, Communications
Arcus Biosciences, Scientist
ArmaGen Inc, CoFounder & VP R&D, R&D
Astellas Institute for Regenerative Medicine AIRM, Sr Director Research, Research
AstraZeneca, Associate Director Discovery Sciences, Discovery Sciences
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Team Leader, Computational & Analytical Chemistry
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Associate Director iMED Oncology Translational Sciences, iMED Oncology Translational Sciences
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Chief Scientist, Neuroscience
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, VP Translational Sciences, Oncology
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, VP & Head iScience, Oncology & IMED Biotech
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Director & Lead, Precision Medicine
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Executive Director Translational Science Oncology, Translational Genomics Oncology
AstraZeneca R&D, Discovery Safety Specialist
Athens Research & Technology Inc, CEO
Athens Research & Technology Inc, Lead Scientist
Atreca Inc, CSO & Sr VP R&D, R&D
Audubon Bioscience, CEO
Aurelia Bioscience Ltd, CSO & Director Business Development, Business Development
Aurelia Bioscience Ltd, Marketing Manager, Marketing
Axial Biotherapeutics Inc, Co Founder & CEO & Director
Bayer AG, VP Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics, Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics
Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, Global Lead, mHealth Ecosystem Digital Health
Baylor College of Medicine, Assistant Professor, Gene Therapy Center
BD Technologies, Technology Manager, Genomic Sciences
Beijing IDMO, Director, R&D
BERG Health, Principal Scientist & Lead, In Vivo Pharmacology
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Director, Phase I Clinical Research
BGI Grp, Director Business Development, Business Development
Bio Rad Labs, Director Global Marketing, Protein Quantitation
BIOBIDE BBD BioPhenix SL, Business Development Technician, Business Development
BIOCAD, Head of Preclinical Study
BIOCAD, Head of Unit
Biogen, Scientist II, Engineering & Biologics Design
Biogen, Sr Scientist, Neurmuscular & Movement Disorders
Biogen, VP, Quantitative Medicine & Clinical Technologies
Biogen, Director Translational Cellular Sciences, Stem Cells & Genomic Engineering
Biogen, Scientist I, Translational Cell Sciences
Biomere, Business Development Director, Business Development
Biomodels LLC, Principal Scientist, Oncology
Biomodels LLC, Business & Contracts Manager
Biomomentum Inc, Communication & Marketing Specialist, Marketing
Blueprint Medicines, Sr VP Nonclinical Development, Nonclinical Development
Blueprint Medicines, Scientist II, Translational Medicine
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc, Global Head, Digital Development & Global Clinical Operations
Boehringer Mannheim Pharmaceuticals, Principal Clinical Data Manager, Clinical Data Mgmt
Boston University, Professor, Environmental Health
Brigham & Womens Hospital, Instructor, Medicine
Brigham & Womens Hospital, Associate Professor, Neurosurgery
Brigham & Womens Hospital, Instructor, Neurosurgery
Bristol Myers Squibb Co, Director Cardiovascular Early Discovery Chemistry, Cardiovascular Early Discovery Chemistry
Bristol Myers Squibb Co, Sr Principal Scientist, High Throughput Bioanalysis
Bristol Myers Squibb Co, VP Leads Discovery & Optimization, Leads Discovery & Optimization
Bristol Myers Squibb Co, Sr Research Investigator, Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics
Bristol Myers Squibb Co, VP & Site Head, Oncology
Bristol Myers Squibb Co, Executive Director Precision Med & Head, Pharmacodiagnostics
Bristol Myers Squibb Co, Associate Director Portfolio & Asset Strategy, Portfolio & Asset Strategy
Bristol Myers Squibb Co, Executive Director & Pharmacodiagnostics Lead, Worldwide Medical Oncology
Broad Institute, Group Leader, Cellular Pharmacology
Broad Institute, Director Pancreatic Cell Biology & Metabolic Diseases, Center for the Science of Therapeutics
Broad Institute, Associate Director, Genetic Perturbation Platform
Broad Institute, Grp Leader & Research Scientist, Genetic Perturbation Platform
Broad Institute, PostDoc Associate, Imaging Platform
C4 Therapeutics Inc, CSO
Calithera Biosciences Inc, VP Research, Research
Calviri Inc, CMO
Cambridge Biomedical Inc, Director Business Development, Business Development
Cambridge Biomedical Inc, VP Scientific Affairs, Scientific Affairs
Cambridge Healthtech Institute, Sr Systems Analyst, IT
Carnegie Mellon University, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Director, Heart Institute
Celgene Corp, Sr Director Structural & Chemical Biology, Structural & Chemical Biology
Centro Di Riferimento Oncologico IRCCS, Researcher Manager, Clinical & Experimental Pharmacology
Charles River Labs, Global Head, Statistics & Data Sciences
Charles Stark Draper Lab Inc, Engineer, Tech Staff
Charles Stark Draper Lab Inc, Sr Member of Tech Staff
Chemical Computing Grp Inc, Manager, Scientific Applications
Chemical Computing Grp Inc, Manager, Scientific Svcs
Chemical Computing Grp Inc, Sr Account Manager
Chugai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Biomarker Lead, Clinical Pharmacology
Chugai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Researcher, Clinical Pharmacology
City of Hope Natl Medical Center, Professor, Toni Stephenson Lymphona Center
Clarivate Analytics, Business Development Manager, Discovery & Translational Science
Clear Channel, Account Executive, Sales
ClickMedix, CEO & Founder
CoBioRes NV, Staff Scientist & Project Leader
Columbia University, Herbert Irving Assistant Professor, Biomedical Informatics
Columbia University, Associate Professor, Medicine
Concept Life Sciences, Director Sales, East Coast Integrated Discovery & Development
Concept Life Sciences, Head, Screening & Assay Development
Concept Life Sciences, Principal Scientist, Translational Biology
Concept Life Sciences, Head US Sales
Critical Path Institute, Executive Director Neuroscience, Neuroscience
Critical Path Institute, Sr Project Manager
Cullinan Oncology LLC, VP Preclinical Research & Early Development, Preclinical Research & Early Development
Cullinan Oncology LLC, CSO
Curis Inc, Director Clinical Sciences, Clinical Sciences
Curis Inc, Executive Medical Director
Cytokinetics Inc, Sr Research Associate, DMPK
Cytokinetics Inc, Scientist III, Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics
Cytokinetics Inc, Research Associate III, Sample Mgmt DMPK
Daiichi Sankyo Co Ltd, Scientist, Drug Discovery & Biomedical Technology
Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Sr Scientist Medical Oncology, Belfer Center for Applied Cancer Science
Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Assistant Professor & Principal Investigator, Biological Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology
Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Scientist, Cancer Biology
Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Program Director, Chemical Biology
Data Cubed, Chief Commercial Officer
Delphi BioMedical Consultants LLC, Founder & Chief Consultant
Domainex Ltd, COO
Duke University, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Eisai Inc, VP Neuroscience Clinical Development, Neuroscience Clinical Development
Eisai Inc, Executive Director Program & Alliance Mgmt, Program & Alliance Mgmt
Eli Lilly & Co, Sr Research Scientist, Cancer Signaling & Metabolism
Eli Lilly & Co, Assistant General Counsel, Regulatory
Eli Lilly & Co, Research Scientist
Eli Lilly & Co, Sr Research Scientist
Elsevier Inc, Global Key Accounts Manager, Life Science Solutions
Elsevier Inc, Customer Consultant & Sales Manager, Pharmacology & Life Sciences
Email Address Only, Former Worldwide VP & Global Head R&D, Johnson & Johnson
EMD Serono R&D Institute Inc, Scientist II, Cellular Pharmacology
EMD Serono R&D Institute Inc, Sr Scientist, Chemistry
EMD Serono R&D Institute Inc, Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
EMD Serono R&D Institute Inc, Director Translational In Vivo Pharmacology, Oncology TIP
Eutilex Co Ltd, General Counsel
Evox Therapeutics Ltd, COO
Exosome Diagnostics Inc, CSO
F Hoffmann La Roche AG, Sr Scientist, Pharmaceutical Research & Early Development
F Hoffmann La Roche Ltd, Sr Grp Director Product Development & Safety Science Oncology, Licensing & Early Development
FDA CBER, Senior Scientist, Chemist
Foundation for the Natl Institutes of Health, Scientific Program Manager, Cancer
FoxKiser, Director, Biotechnology Venture
FoxKiser, Director
Fractal Therapeutics, CEO
Fuji Film Visualsonics, Regional Sales Manager, Sales
Fuji Film Visualsonics, Scientific Applications Scientist
Genedata Inc, Business Development Manager, Selector
Genedata Inc, Head Business Development, US Business Development
Genentech Inc, Lead, Bioanalytical Sub Team gRED
Genentech Inc, Sr Scientist, Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics
Genentech Inc, Head Artificial Intelligence, Early Clinical Development
Genentech Inc, Associate Director Investigative Toxicology, Investigative Toxicology
Genentech Inc, Principal Scientist
George Mason University, Graduate Student, Systems Biology
George Mason University, Professor & Principal Investigator
Georgia Institute of Technology, Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Gilead Sciences Inc, Clinical Data Mgmt Associate, Clinical Data
Gilead Sciences Inc, Associate II, Clinical Data Mgmt
GlaxoSmithKline, Head, Complex In Vitro Models
GlaxoSmithKline, Sr Scientific Director Computational Biology, Computational Biology
GlaxoSmithKline, Sr Scientist, Exploratory Biomarker Assays
GlaxoSmithKline, Sr Scientist, In Vivo Study Delivery
GlaxoSmithKline, Sr Director Global Regulatory Affairs, Precision & Digital Medicine Pharma R&D
GlaxoSmithKline, Cell Immunologist
GlaxoSmithKline, Clinical Director
GlaxoSmithKline, Scientific Leader
GlaxoSmithKline, Sr Scientific Investigator
Gritstone Oncology Inc, Director Clinical Science, Clinical Science
H3 Biomedicine Inc, Associate Director
Hadassah Hebrew University Hospital, Research Technician, Gene Therapy
Harvard Medical School, Assistant Professor, Neurobiology
Harvard University, Sr Staff Scientist, Advanced Technology Team
Harvard University, PostDoc Fellow, Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Hubrecht Organoid Technology Foundation, Managing Director
Hybrigenics Corp, Director Business Development, Business Development
IBM Research, Research Staff Member, Precision Diagnostics
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Associate Professor & Director Digital Health, Genetics & Genomic Sciences & Emergency Medicine
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Instructor & Coordinator & Scientist, Institute for Systems Biomedicine
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Chief Innovation & Engagement Officer & Assistant Professor, Medicine & Gastroenterology & Pathology
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Assistant Professor Oncological Sciences, Precision Immunology Institute
IMEC, Program Director Wearable Healthcare, Wearable Healthcare
Immunocore Ltd, Associate Scientist
Immunome Inc, Director Hybridoma Generation, Hybridoma Generation
Individual Consultant, Research Associate, Edward Winger MD PC
Individual Consultant, CEO, Immunophage Biotech Co Ltd
Individual Consultant, Director Business Development, Immunophage Biotech Co Ltd
Individual Consultant, Deputy Director Pharmacy, Second Affiliated Hospital of AF Medical University
Inha University Hospital, GM, Efficacy Evaluation
IntelliSyn, Director Chemistry, Chemistry
Invivoscribe, Head, Global Business Development
Invivoscribe Technologies Inc, Founder & CEO & CSO & Chairman
Ipsen Bioscience Inc, Director Biomarkers & Oncology
Jackson Lab, Director Business Development, Clinical & In Vivo Svcs
Jackson Lab, Opportunity Development Manager, JAX Mice & Clinical Research Svcs
Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, Sr Director Clinical Innovation & R&D Operations, Clinical Innovation & R&D Operations
Japan Tobacco Inc, Sr Research Scientist, Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics Research Labs
Jnana Therapeutics, Scientist & Project Lead, Chemical Biology
Jnana Therapeutics, VP & Head, Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Johns Hopkins University, Associate Professor, Pathology & Gastrointestinal Liver Pathology
Johns Hopkins University, Associate Professor, Radiology & Radiological Science
Jounce Therapeutics Inc, CMO
Karolinska Institute, Grp Leader Personalized Medicine & Drug Development, Physiology & Pharmacology
Kite a Gilead Co, Director Translational Sciences, Translational Sciences
Korea Institute of Toxicology, Sr Research Scientist, Predictive Model Research Center
Korea Institute of Toxicology, Sr Researcher
Kyn Therapeutics, VP Drug Discovery, Drug Discovery
Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co Ltd, Researcher, Drug Discovery R&D
Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co Ltd, Researcher, Research Core Functions Labs
Kyyba Inc, Director Business Development, Business Development
Laurentian University, Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
LEO Pharma AS, Sr Principal Scientist
Levine Cancer Institute, Chairman, Solid Tumor Oncology & Investigational Therapeutcs
Life Chemicals Inc, Manager Marketing & Sales, Screening Compound Libraries
Lipotype GmbH, Head Business Development & Finance, Business Development & Finance
Lipotype GmbH, Head, R&D
Massachusetts General Hospital, Assistant Professor, Anesthesia
Massachusetts General Hospital, Assistant Professor Medicine, Center for Cancer Research
Massachusetts General Hospital, Associate Professor Medicine, Center for Immunology & Inflammatory Diseases
Massachusetts General Hospital, Associate Professor, Director of the Biomedical En, Center for Systems Biology
Massachusetts General Hospital, PostDoc Researcher, Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases
Massachusetts General Hospital, Assistant Professor, Radiology
Massachusetts General Hospital, Director & Associate Professor Medicine, Vaccine & Immunotherapy Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cecil & Ida Green Distinguished Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Maverick Therapeutics Inc, Sr VP R&D, R&D
Mayo Clinic & Foundation, Assistant Professor, Oncology
McGill University, Assistant Professor, Neurology & Neurosurgery
MD Anderson Cancer Center, Chairman & Professor & Principal Investigator, Cancer Biology
MD Anderson Cancer Center, Professor, Clinical Cancer Prevention Research
MD Anderson Cancer Center, Professor, Investigational Cancer Therapeutics
MD Anderson Cancer Center, Associate Professor, Pathology & Anatomical
MD Anderson Cancer Center, Scientific Manager System Biology & Personalized Med, Zayed Al Nahyan Center for Pancreatic Cancer Research
Medical University of South Carolina, Professor & Chairman, Regenerative Medicine & Cell Biology
MedImmune, VP R&D & Global Head Translational Sciences, Biologics Safety Assessment
MedImmune, Head, Clinical Operations & Oncology
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Director, Center for Stem Cell Biology
Merck & Co, Head, Experimental & Chemical Biology
Merck & Co, Sr Director Translational Immuno Oncology Research, Translational Immuno Oncology Research
Merck & Co, Sr Scientist
Merck & Co Inc, Sr Scientist, Neuroscience
Merck & Co Inc, Executive Medical Director & Head of Companion Diagnostics, Translational Medicine
Merck KGaA, VP & Global Head, Medicinal Chemistry
Merck Research Labs, Director Biology Oncology Discovery, Biology Oncology Discovery
Merck Research Labs, Director Clinical Biomarker Specimen Mgmt, Clinical Biomarker Specimen Mgmt
Merck Research Labs, Scientist, ESC
Merck Research Labs, Director Genetics & Pharmacogenomics, Genetics & Pharmacogenomics
Merck Research Labs, Sr VP Global Clinical Development & CMO, Global Clinical Development
Merck Research Labs, Principal Scientist In Vivo Pharmacology, Immuno Oncology
Merck Research Labs, Principal Scientist, Immunology & Oncology
Merck Research Labs, Principal Scientist, Molecular Biomarkers
Merck Research Labs, Executive Director Business Development & Licensing, Oncology
Merck Research Labs, Associate VP Oncology Clinical Development, Oncology Clinical Development
Merck Research Labs, Sr Scientist, Pharmacology
Merck Research Labs, Sr Scientist Translational Pathology, Professoriling & Expression
Merck Research Labs, Sr Principal Scientist, Translational Molecular Biomarkers
Merck Research Labs, Associate VP
Merus NV, Director Translational Research, Translational Research
Metabolys, President & CEO
Metrion Biosciences, COO
Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research, Sr Associate Director Research Partnerships, Research Partnerships
Midwestern University, Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Miltenyi Biotec GmbH, Global Prod Manager, Global Marketing
Miltenyi Biotec GmbH, Global Product Manager, Sample Preparation
MIMETAS BV, Scientist, Model Development
MIMETAS BV, Business Development
MIMETAS BV, Business Development Manager
Mitra RxDx Inc, Business Development Manager, Business Development
Molecubes NV, Intl Sales Manager, Sales
Molecular Partners AG, Expert Scientist, Oncology
MolecularMD, VP Development & Scientific Affairs, Development & Scientific Affairs
Nanion Technologies Inc, Account Executive
Nanyang Technological University, Graduate Student, Structural Biology
Natl Comprehensive Cancer Network, Sr Director Compendia Development, Compendia Development
Natl Research Council Canada, Sr Research Officer Neurobiology Program, Cerebrovascular Research Grp
Natl Research Council Canada, Director R&D, Translational Bioscience
Ncardia, CEO
Nektar Therapeutics Inc, CSO & Sr VP R&D, R&D
Nektar Therapeutics Inc, Sr Scientist
Neucyte Inc, CSO
NeuroScience Associates Inc, Manager, Laboratory Operations
NeuroScience Associates Inc, Image Analyst
New York University, Resident Physician
NIH NCATS, Research Fellow, PreClinical Innovation
NIH NCATS, Scientific Program Manager
NIH NCI, Program Director, Cancer Treatment & Diagnosis
NIH NCI, Sr Investigator, Cell & Cancer Biology
Northeastern University, Associate Professor, Bioengineering
Northeastern University, PostDoctoral Research Associate, Bioengineering
Northeastern University, Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Northwestern University, Graduate Student, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Northwestern University, Assistant Professor, Pharmacology
Novartis AG, Head, Novartis Biome
Novartis Inc, Sr Scientist, OPM
Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, Head Search & Evaluation, Business Development & Licensing
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Sr Investigator I, Musculoskeletal Diseases
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Lab Head, ONC Pharmacology
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Inc, Fellow, Biomarker Development
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Inc, Investigator, Biomarker Development
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Inc, Investigator III, Chemical Biology & Therapeutics
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Inc, Head, Digital Therapeutics
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Inc, Investigator III, Exploratory Immuno Oncology
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Inc, Sr Investigator, Exploratory ImmunoOncology
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Inc, Lab Head, Expoloratory ImmunoOncology
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Inc, Investigator, Immuno Oncology
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Inc, Investigator III, Neuroscience
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Inc, Global Head Preclinical Secondary Pharmacology, Preclinical Safety
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Inc, Investigator II, Translational IO
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Inc, Data Scientist
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Inc, Sr Investigator I
Novartis Pharma AG, GM, Digital Development
Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Global Head, Global Drug Development Data & Digital
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp, Principal Scientist, Precision Medicine
Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd, Executive Director Oncology Drug Discovery, Oncology Drug Discovery
Novo Nordisk AS, Director Digital Health Partnerships, Commercial Strategy
Nuritas, Chief Business Officer, Pharma
Olink Proteomics Inc, Manager Business Development, Business Development
Olympus America Inc, Manager, Life Science
Olympus Scientific Solutions America, Project Manager, Scientific Solutions Grp
OncoRadiomics, Business Development Consultant
OncoRadiomics, CSO
OncoSec Medical Inc, CSO
Oregon Health & Science University, Professor & Director Layton Aging & Alzheimers Disease Center, Neurology & Biomedical Engineering
Osage University Partners, Associate
Oxford Nanoimaging Ltd, Business Developer, Business Development
Oxford Nanoimaging Ltd, Sr Application Scientist
Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, Executive Director Clinical Development, Clinical Development
Partners HealthCare, Sr Director, Connected Health Innovation
Peira bvba, Manager Business Development, Business Development
PerkinElmer, VP & GM, Informatics
Pfizer Global R&D Groton Labs, Senior Principal Scientist, Neurosciences Medicinal Chemistry
Pfizer Global R&D Groton Labs, Research Scientist, Primary Pharmacology Grp
Pfizer Inc, Sr Scientist, BMD
Pfizer Inc, Project Team Lead, Digital Medicine & Translational Imaging
Pfizer Inc, Director OncCAG EDTO, OncCAG EDTO
Pfizer Inc, Associate Research Fellow, Pharmacokinetics & Dynamics & Metabolism
Pfizer Inc, Principal Scientist, Pharmacokinetics & Dynamics & Metabolism
Pfizer Inc, Research Fellow, Pharmacokinetics Dynamics & Metabolism
Pfizer Inc, Sr Data Scientist Machine Learning & Software Eng, Statistics & Visualization
Pfizer Inc, Associate Research Fellow & Lab Head, WRD
Pfizer Inc, Associate Research Fellow
Pfizer Research Labs, Director Medical Informatics, Medical Informatics
PharmaLegacy Labs Co Ltd, VP Business Development, Business Development
PharmaLex GmbH, Sr Manager, Statistics
PheneX Pharmaceuticals AG, Sr Scientist, Drug Discovery
Philips Medical Systems, Director Product Development, Connected Sensing
ProImmune Ltd, Immunology Sales Specialist
ProQinase GmbH, Business Development
Proteus Digital Health, Chief Platform Officer
PsiOxus Therapeutics Ltd, CSO
PsychoGenics Inc, Sr VP, Behavioral Pharmacology
PsychoGenics Inc, President & CEO
Purdue University, Professor, Basic Medical Sciences
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc, Sr Staff Scientist, Cardiovascular Research
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc, Associate Director Immune & Inflammatory Diseases, Immune & Inflammatory Diseases
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc, Scientist, Oncology
Reinnervate Ltd, Product Development Scientist
Roche, Lab Head, Cellular Transport
Roche Diagnostics, Global PCH Partnering Director, Diagnostics Biomarkers
Roche Pharma, Global Head, Biomarkers Oncology
Roche Pharma, Principal Scientist & Grp Head, Stem Cell Models & Assays
SAGE Therapeutics, Sr Director Exploratory Research, Exploratory Research
Sanofi, Sr Director R&D, Rare & Neurological Diseases
sanofi Grp, Director, Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics
sanofi Grp, VP & Head, Medical Evidence Generation & Global Medicine
Sanofi Grp, Associate Director, Pharmacokinetics
sanofi Grp, Lead Research Investigator, Pharmacology
Scripps Research Institute, Associate Professor & Director HTS Chemistry & Technologies, HTS Chemistry & Technologies
Seattle Genetics Inc, Principal Pharmacokineticist, Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics
Sekisui XenoTech LLC, Director Global Marketing, Business Development
Sekisui XenoTech LLC, Global Marketing Manager
Seoul Natl University, Graduate Student, Biomedical Engineering
Servier, Toxicologist Project Leader, Non Clinical Safety
Servier Research Institute, Project Leader, Oncology Translational & Clinical Research
Shionogi & Co Ltd, Director Strategic Planning, Biomarker R&D
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Sr Product Manager, Portfolio & Product Mgmt
Silberstein & Associates, Founder & Principal
Silberstein & Associates, Practice Manager
Slalom LLC, Digital Health Consultant, Healthcare & Life Sciences
Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals Inc, CSO & VP
SRI Intl, Director, Center for Neuroscience
SRI Intl, Business Development Consultant
Stanford University, PostDoc Research Fellow, Cardiovascular Research Institute
STEMCELL Technologies Inc, Sr Scientist, R&D
Stemonix Inc, Head & Director Cell Biology & R&D, Cell Biology & R&D
Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc, Director Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics, Discovery Sciences
SUNY Albany, Sr Research Scientist, Chemistry
SUNY Buffalo, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Superior Controls Inc, Business Development Manager, Business Development
Swift Scientific LLC, President
Taiho Oncology Inc, VP Biomarkers & Companion Diagnostics, Biomarkers & Companion Diagnostics
Takara Bio USA Inc, Associate Director Stem Cell Marketing, Stem Cell Marketing
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Director Neuroscience External Research, Neuroscience External Research
Takeda Pharmaceuticals Inc, Global Head, Center for Scientific Leadership & Innovation
Takeda Pharmaceuticals Inc, Scientist, Drug Safety Research & Evaluation
Takeda Pharmaceuticals Inc, Scientist, Takeda DSRE
Takeda Pharmaceuticals Inc, Director Translational Research & Early Clinical Development, Translational Research & Early Clinical Development
Takeda Pharmaceuticals Inc, Sr Scientist
Technische University Berlin, Graduate Student, Medical Biotechnology
Tiaki Therapeutics Inc, VP Translational Biology, Translational Biology
Tillotts Pharma AG, Associate Director & Preclinical Development Lead, PreClinical Development
TNO Pharma Leiden, Program Manager, Metabolic Health Researech
TNO Quality of Life, Business Developer, Healthy Living
Toppan Printing Co Ltd, Researcher, Toppan Tech Research Institute
Trans Hit Biomarkers Inc, Commercial Director Business Development, Business Development
Translite LLC, President
Translite LLC, VP
Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance, CSO
Tufts Medical Center, CEO, HealthMode, Psychiatry
Tufts University, Research Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
UCB SA, Lead, Epilepsy
Ultivue Inc, Director Customer Engagement, Customer Engagement
University of California Davis, Biostatician, Biostatistics
University of California San Diego, Associate Project Scientist, Surgery
University of California San Francisco, Professor, General Internal Medicine
University of California San Francisco, Professor, Hematology & Oncology
University of Colorado Denver, Assistant Professor, Pulmonary Sciences & Critical Care Medicine
University of Connecticut Farmington, Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
University of Grenoble Alpes, Professor Cell Biology, Hormonal & Nutritional Biochemistry
University Of Massachusetts, Professor & Associate Dean, Gastroenterology
University Of Massachusetts, Assistant Professor, Molecular Medicine
University of Massachusetts Amherst, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
University of Michigan, Associate Professor, Computational Medicine & Bioinformatics
University of Michigan, Assistant Professor, Medicinal Chemistry
University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Research Associate Professor, Chemical Biology Center
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Lineberger Distinguished Professor & Director, Endocrinology
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Research Assistant Professor, Institute for Drug Safety Sciences
University of Pennsylvania, Professor, Biology
University of Pennsylvania, Clinical Director & Associate Professor, Center for Personalized Diagnostics
University of Pennsylvania, Advisory Board Member, Orthopedics
University of Pittsburgh, Professor, Pathology & Immunology & Otolaryngology
University of Texas Dallas, Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine & Biochemistry
University of Tuebingen, Grp Leader, Tumor Biology
Uppsala University, Researcher, Pharmaceutical Biosciences
Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc, Sr Scientist & Grp Leader
Vertex Pharmaceuticals R&D Inc, Research Fellow, Discovery & Investigative Toxicology
Voluntis, CEO
Wake Forest University, Assistant Professor
Washington University, Associate Professor, Pathology & Immunology
WAVE Life Sciences USA Inc, Associate Director Bioanalytic & Pharmacology & Biomarker, Bioanalytic & Pharmacology & Biomarker Development
Wayne State University, Distinguished Professor, Pharmacology
Western Michigan University, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences
Xencor Inc, VP Translational Biology, Translational Biology
Yale University, Professor, Pathology & Medical Oncology
Ymir Genomics, Co Founder & CSO
Zoetis, Sr Scientist, Diagnostics