Poster Presentations

P01: Microphysiological Systems of the Human Liver, Intestine and Linked Liver-Intestine to Assess Human Drug Absorption, Metabolism and Bioavailability, Presented by Tomasz K., CN Bio Innovations Ltd.

P02: High-Throughput Production of Matrix-Embedded Multicellular Tumour Spheroids by means of Drop-on-Demand 3D Bioprinting, Presented by Duyen N., Inventia Life Science

P03: Monitoring of Mitochondrial Function and Health in Ncyte hiPSC-Derived Cardiomyocytes, Presented by Heather W., Ncardia

P04: Slices or Spheres? A Comparison of Tumor Explant Culture Platforms, Presented by Dina D., Polytechnique Montreal

P05: Hypoxia On A Chip (HOnAChip): Insights into Treatment Efficacy, Presented by Elena R., Polytechnique Montreal

P06: Oncological Biomarkers from Radiomics Analysis of Standard of Care CT Images, Presented by Sean W., Radiomics (Oncoradiomics SA)

P07: Human iPSC Based Cell Models for Drug Discovery and Preclinical Development, Presented by Angela H., Tempo Bioscience