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Tuesday, June 18

Exhibit hall open from 9:40am – 6:35pm

9:40 – 10:25am Grand Opening Coffee Break and Poster Viewing – Commonwealth Hall

ProteomeSciences 9:40 – 10:10am   Solutions Theater Presentation: Enhanced Protein Biomarker Discovery and Validation using TMT based Mass Spectrometry

Richard Dennis, CCO, Proteome Sciences

2:25 – 3:10pm   Refreshment Break and Poster Viewing – Commonwealth Hall

2:30 – 2:45pm   Speed Networking: Young Professionals

Exemplar-Genetics 2:30 – 3:00pm   Solutions Theater Presentation: Genetically Engineered MiniSwine as Translational Models of Preclinical Efficacy

Troy Arends, Director, Exemplar Genetics

3:10 – 4:10pm   IO Plenary Session – Amphitheater

Join us for an IO focused Keynote Panel on Partnering Ecosystem as part of the IO Pharma Congress.


PANEL DISCUSSION: Partnering, Preclinical Strategies and Tools, IO Clinical Trials; Capital Invested in IO Relative to Other Oncology Areas

Leigh Zawel, PhD, CSO, Cullinan Oncology

Michael Woo, Director, Head of Immuno-Oncology Search & Evaluation, External Innovation, EMD Serono, Inc.

Sybil Williams, PhD, Director, Biology Oncology Discovery, Merck

Paul Young, PhD, Executive Director, Business Development & Licensing, Merck

Jernej Godec, PhD, Associate, Apple Tree Partners

Stacey J. Adam, PhD, Director, Cancer Research Partnerships, Foundation for the National Institutes of Health

  • Has the IO bubble popped? Why have no other IO drugs emerged with PD1/PDL1-like efficacy?
  • What combination strategies are being explored to convert poorly PD1 responsive tumors to more responsive ones?
  • Are there new IO monotherapies or combos that appear promising?
  • Is patient stratification practical with IO therapies?
  • What partnering strategies are most effective?
  • What is a recent deal your firm signed that you’re excited about?

4:20 – 5:20pm Plenary Keynote Presentation - Amphitheater

TURNING SCIENCE INTO MEDICINE: The Science behind the 5R Framework

Fawell_StephenStephen Fawell, PhD, Vice President, Head Oncology Discovery, AstraZeneca

Improving R&D productivity is critical to the success of drug discovery, with failure rates from pre-clinical development to launch often in excess of 90 percent. In AstraZeneca, we conducted an in-depth review of our R&D activities to help us identify ‘success factors’ that could improve the probability of success for any given drug discovery program. As a result, we launched the ‘5R framework’: right target, right tissue, right safety, right patient, and right commercial, focused on the quality of our programs rather than the quantity of programs. In the five years since inception of this 5R framework our success rates have increased almost five-fold to 19% from pre-clinical investigation to completion of Phase III clinical trials.

Morgan P, Brown DG, Lennard S, Anderton MJ, Barrett JC, Eriksson U, Fidock M, Hamrén B, Johnson A, March RE, Matcham J, Mettetal J, Nicholls DJ, Platz S, Rees S, Snowden MA, Pangalos MN. Impact of a five-dimensional framework on R&D productivity at AstraZeneca. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery (2018) 17, 167–181.

Cook D, Brown D; Alexander R, March R, Morgan P, Satterthwaite G and Pangalos MN. Lessons learned from the fate of AstraZeneca's drug pipeline: a five-dimensional framework. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery (2014) 13, 419-431.

MINING FOR TOMORROW’S CURES: A Nex-Gen Model of Drug Development

Jennifer Michaelson, PhD, Vice President, Preclinical Research & Early Development, Cullinan Oncology

Drug development in oncology and immuno-oncology is accelerating at a record pace. The multitude of drug targeting modalities and mechanisms being pursued within big pharma and biotech is astounding. Cullinan Oncology has a unique approach to leverage the array of cutting-edge opportunities and broad range of scientific approaches within the fast moving oncology drug development space. A hybrid operating structure enables Cullinan to develop a diversified oncology portfolio of single asset opportunities across a range of mechanisms and modalities within oncology and immune-oncology. The model entails a balance of externally and internally derived programs, a cost-efficient management structure, and an outsourced model to drive speed, nimbleness, risk diversification and efficiency. Case studies exemplifying the efficiency in getting to key go/no go decisions will be presented. The ultimate goal is to develop high value oncology therapeutics that have the potential to significantly improve upon standard of care for patients.

5:20 – 6:35pm Taste of New England Welcome Reception in the Exhibit Hall with Poster Viewing – Commonwealth Hall

5:25 Meet the Plenary Keynotes

6:20pm Amazon Echo Raffle!* – Commonwealth Hall

6:25 – 7:15pm Interactive Breakout Discussion Groups – Commonwealth Hall

7:30pm After Hours Networking at Seaport Hotel (Cash Bar Available)

Wednesday, June 19

Exhibit hall open from 9:35am – 6:05pm

9:35 – 10:20am Coffee Break and Poster Viewing – Commonwealth Hall

MACS-MiltenyiBiotec 9:45 - 10:15am Solutions Theater Presentation: Automation Meets Cell Separation: Primary Cell Isolation for Drug Discovery Assays 

Lotta Raety, Group Leader Cell Separation, Global Marketing, Miltenyi Biotec

Whether you are performing killing assays, immunophenotyping TILs, or investigating immunogenicity, primary cells are essential for the discovery of new therapeutics. Conclusive and relevant assay results depend on reliable sample preparation, including cell separation and tumor dissociation. We have developed flexible automated solutions for primary cell isolation from various starting materials to ensure the best fit for every drug discovery program - join us to learn about the best methods for your in vitro assays.

domainex-logo 10:05am Poster Winner Announced

12:50 – 2:20pm Plenary Keynote Presentation - Amphitheater

PLENARY PANEL DISCUSSION: Data Driven Drug Discovery and Development: Digital, AI and ML to Re-Shape R&D

Peter Henstock, PhD, AI & Machine Learning Lead, Pfizer

Litao Zhang, PhD, Vice President, Leads Discovery and Optimization, Bristol-Myers

Daniel Karlin, MD, Director of Biotech Ventures, CEAi, Inc

Peter Bergethon, Vice President, Quantitative Medicine & Clinical Technologies, Biogen


This panel will ask leaders focused on drug discovery and development how they view AI/ML/Digital as an opportunity over the next 1-5 years to improve their business including:

  • In what parts of the business do they see the most opportunities and needs now?
  • How does these technologies fit within their overall strategy?
  • What is the right balance of partnering externally versus developing an internal Digital/AI team?
  • What were the challenges in kickstarting the first AI/Digital projects?

2:20 – 3:05pm Booth Crawl and Dessert Break and Poster Viewing – Commonwealth Hall

2:25 Meet the Plenary Keynotes

2:55pm $300 Amazon Gift Card Raffle!* – Commonwealth Hall

5:10 – 6:05pm 4th of July Celebration (BBQ, Beer and Wine, Cornhole, Jenga, Fun!) and Poster Viewing – Commonwealth Hall

LabTwin 5:15 – 5:45pm Solutions Theater Presentation: The World's First Digital Lab Assistant

Guru Singh, Head, Growth, LabTwin

5:30 5:45pm Speed Networking: Oncology

5:55pm Bose® Soundlink® Raffle!* – Commonwealth Hall

6:15pm Evolving Regulatory Landscape in Digital Health – Meetup with Boston QSP - Harborview 2, Plaza Level (3rd Floor)

6:45pm After Hours Networking At Trillium Brewing Company: Fort Point Restaurant (Cash bar Available)

Thursday, June 20

Exhibit hall open from 10:15am – 2:20pm

7:15 8:10am Interactive Breakout Discussion Groups (with Continental Breakfast) – Commonwealth Hall

10:15 – 11:00am Coffee Break and Poster Viewing – Commonwealth Hall

NanosurfaceBiomedical 10:15 – 10:45am  Solutions Theater Presentation: Structural Maturation in the Development of hiPSC-Cardiomyocyte Models for Pre-clinical Safety, Efficacy, and Discovery

Nicholas Geisse, PhD, CSO, NanoSurface Biomedical

hiPSC-CM maturation is sensitive to structural cues from the extracellular matrix (ECM). Failure to reproduce these signals in vitro can hamper experimental reproducibility and fidelity. Engineering approaches that address this gap typically trade off complexity with throughput, making them difficult to deploy in the modern drug development paradigm. The NanoSurface Car(ina)™ platform leverages ECM engineering approaches that are fully compatible with industry-standard instrumentation including HCI- and MEA-based assays, thereby improving their predictive power.

domainex-logo 10:45am Poster Winner Announced

10:50am $300 Amazon Gift Card Raffle!* – Commonwealth Hall

1:35 – 2:20pm Dessert and Coffee Break and Poster Viewing – Commonwealth Hall

1:45 – 2:00pm Speed Networking: Last Chance to Meet with Potential Partners and Collaborators!  

2:15pm AncestryDNA™ Raffle!* – Commonwealth Hall

* Amazon, AncestryDNA™ and Bose® are not sponsors or participants of this event. Sponsors and exhibitors not eligible. Must be present to win!

**Exhibit hours are subject to change.*

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Abcam MAIN230  
ABS Inc. MAIN345  
ACT Genomics MAIN254  
Advanced Cell Diagnostics (ACD) MAIN216  
Agilent MAIN317  
AIM Biotech Pte Ltd. MAIN417  
Allevi, Inc. MAIN160  
Almac Diagnostics MAIN252  
Altis Biosystems, Inc. MAIN215  
AntiCancer Inc. MAIN352  
ArcherDX MAIN425  
Athens Research and Technology, Inc. MAIN132  
Aurelia Bioscience MAIN128  
Axion BioSystems MAIN446  
Benchling MAIN318  
Biobide MAIN315  
BioDuro MAIN151  
BioIVT® MAIN319  
Biomodels, LLC MAIN144  
Biomomentum, Inc. MAIN449  
Biopticon Corporation MAIN231  
BlueCatBio MAIN148  
BrainXell MAIN138  
Cambridge Biomedical, Inc. MAIN129  
Caprion Biosciences MAIN439  
Cellecta, Inc. MAIN361  
Chemical Computing Group MAIN150  
Chemotargets MAIN133  
Concept Life Sciences MAIN359  
Corning MAIN423  
DefiniGEN MAIN431  
Discovery Life Sciences MAIN247  
Domainex Ltd. MAIN333  
Elsevier MAIN161  
Emulate, Inc. MAIN116  
Epistem MAIN115  
Excelra Knowledge Solutions Pvt Ltd MAIN416  
Exemplar Genetics MAIN330  
FujiFilm VisualSonics, Inc. MAIN251  
Genesis Drug Discovery & Development (GD3) MAIN130  
Hamamatsu Corporation MAIN418  
HistoTox Labs MAIN246  
HOLD- TARA Biosystems - HOLD MAIN158  
Hopstem Biotechnology LLC MAIN428  
Invivoscribe MAIN223  
IONpath MAIN118  
IQ Proteomics MAIN338  
Labtwin MAIN159  
LifeCanvas Technologies Inc. MAIN415  
Lipotype GmbH MAIN229  
Lonza Pharma&Biotech ̶̶ Bioscience Solutions MAIN430  
Metabolon MAIN332  
Miltenyi Biotec MAIN244  
Mispro Biotech MAIN153  
Molecular Devices MAIN358  
MolecularMD MAIN360  
NanoSurface Biomedical MAIN346  
Ncardia MAIN222  
NeuCyte, Inc MAIN233  
NeuroScience Associates, Inc. MAIN414  
Nikon Instruments MAIN324  
Novabiosis MAIN441  
Nuvisan GmbH MAIN329  
OcellO MAIN225  
Olink Proteomics MAIN336  
Olympus America Inc. MAIN328  
Owlstone Medical MAIN322  
PBL Assay Science MAIN131  
Peira bvba MAIN445  
ProQinase MAIN351  
ProteoGenex, Inc. MAIN147  
Proteome Sciences Plc MAIN145  
PsychoGenics Inc. MAIN237  
Quansys Biosciences MAIN146  
Quanterix Corporation MAIN259  
Ricoh MAIN140  
Sai Life Sciences Limited MAIN350  
Sanguine Biosciences MAIN258  
SEKISUI XenoTech MAIN136  
Sengenics MAIN255  
SeraCare Life Sciences MAIN432  
SRI International MAIN355  
STEMCELL Technologies MAIN241  
StemExpress MAIN316  
StemoniX MAIN250  
Studylog Animal Study Software MAIN353  
Sygnature Discovery MAIN347  
SynVivo Inc. MAIN155  
Taconic Biosciences MAIN239  
Takara Bio USA MAIN340  
The Jackson Laboratory MAIN331  
Toxikon MAIN354  
Toyo Gosei Co., Ltd. MAIN444  
Trans-Hit Biomarkers MAIN232  
TransLite MAIN314  
TTP plc MAIN433  
Ultivue MAIN253  
ViQi, Inc. MAIN447  
Visiopharm MAIN119  
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. MAIN421  
ZeClinics MAIN156  


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