Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Inaugural

Expanding Chemical & Druggable Space

Encoded Libraries & Macrocyclics, FBDD & Lead Generation, PROTACs

June 2-4, 2020


Progress of the past decade in encoded libraries and macrocyclic peptide synthesis are enabling new types of drug-like molecules to be created and rapidly screened, which is widening the ‘base’ from which successful drugs can be found. Moreover, the types of intracellular targets these newer chemical entities can act upon is also expanding. Disease-relevant protein-protein interactions (PPIs) and larger molecular complexes can be disrupted by these larger, yet cell-penetrable drug-like compounds. Fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD) and other biophysical screening approaches have also provided drug leads against such non-traditional, non-enzymatic drug targets. And now one of the latest innovations in drug discovery, PROTACs, special compounds designed against any part of the target so that upon binding of the PROTACs the target is destroyed, is expanding therapeutic possibilities even more. But how good are all these new approaches? Is theory meeting practice? Join fellow discovery chemistry and biology colleagues to hear case studies, discuss challenges, and share refinements that remain in the newest approaches for generating tomorrow’s orally-bioavailable medicines.


Coverage will include, but is not limited to:

Encoded Libraries & Macrocyclics

  • DNA-encoded library technologies
  • Prosecuting hits from DEL approaches
  • mRNA-encoded libraries for macrocyclic peptides
  • New chemistries for macrocyclic scaffolds


Fragment-Based Drug Design (FBDD) & Lead Generation Approaches

  • Innovations in fragment library design
  • Case studies of growing fragments into drug leads
  • Biophysical approaches (NMR, SPR, MST) for lead generation against PPIs
  • Cryo-EM applied to drug lead generation
  • Covalent fragments for PROTACs applications


PROTACs & Targeted Protein Degradation

  • PROTACs for enabling targeted protein degradation (TPD)
  • Alternatives to PROTACs (IMiDs, CIDEs, SNIPERs, and more)
  • New ligases and enzymes to trigger targeted degradation
  •  Innovative assays and screening platforms for studying protein degraders


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