About World Pharma Week

Today pharma innovation is advancing at an incredible pace, with opportunities to address diseases once considered intractable using advanced technologies. At Second Annual World Pharma Week we will bring together, technical leaders, scientists, and executives, visionaries, and biotech entrepreneurs to drive measurable innovation in biopharma R&D. Disruptive technologies, novel therapeutic modalities and platforms, data-driven approaches, as well as strategies to cut costs and increase productivity of drug R&D will be featured at 12 themed conferences, 3 keynote sessions, and numerous networking events. Taking place in the Boston/Cambridge biopharma hub, a global powerhouse of drug discovery and development, provides unique networking opportunities both in the Exhibit Hall and in the session rooms with a core biopharma audience. World Pharma Week is enhanced by the legacy of two Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s well established and extremely successful events, World Preclinical Congress and Biomarker World Congress, that joined forces under its umbrella.