Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 6th Annual

Chemical Biology and Target Validation

The Design, Synthesis and Application of Chemical Probe Libraries for Target Engagement, Activity and Druggability Profiling

June 18-19, 2019

Advances in the development of highly-specific chemical probes, proteomics and quantitative mass spectrometry techniques, in conjunction with improved structural biology, are accelerating target identification, occupation and engagement studies. Yet mode of action deconvolution involving novel targets and probes, where only limited selectivity profiling has been carried out, still presents a significant challenge. The difficulty of this task is compounded further in the burgeoning field of protein degradation, where there exists an abundance of new chemical modalities. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Chemical Biology and Target Validation conference will bring together chemical biologists, medicinal and synthetic chemists, and drug discovery leaders from both academia and industry alike to discuss emerging tools and techniques that will determine best practices on how we can elucidate drug-target relationships even for the most novel of targets.


FEATURED PRESENTATION: Targeting Unligandable Proteins for Degradation with Low Molecular Weight Cereblon Modulators
Phil Chamberlain, PhD, Principal Scientist, Celgene

Targeted Protein Degradation in Target Validation and Drug Discovery
Stewart Fisher, PhD, CSO, C4 Therapeutics, Inc.


Chemical Biology in Epigenetic and Epitranscriptomic Drug Discovery
Robert Copeland, PhD, President, CSO and Co-Founder, Accent Therapeutics, Inc.

Phenotypic Screening in the Beta Cell to Identify Novel Targets for Diabetes
Bridget Wagner, PhD, Director of Pancreatic Cell Biology and Metabolic Disease, Institute Scientist, Broad Institute

Shotgun Lipidomics: Gateway to Drug Discovery and Design Sponsored by <Lipotype

Christian Klose, PhD, Head of Research and Development, Lipotype GmbH


Chemical Probes – Re-thinking Our Ecosystem
Milka Kostic, PhD, Program Director, Chemical Biology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Application of Chemical Biology Probes in Drug Discovery
Doug Johnson, PhD, Director, Chemical Biology & Proteomics, Biogen

Investigating the Mechanism of Action of γ-Secretase Inhibitors with Photoaffinity Probes
Chris am Ende, PhD, Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer

Identification of Kinase-Targeted Drug Combinations Using Chemoproteomics
Amanda Garner, PhD, Assistant Professor, Medicinal Chemistry, University of Michigan

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