MONDAY, JUNE 17 | 1:30 - 4:30pm

Beacon Hill

ABOUT THIS COURSE: This workshop will provide an opportunity for industry representatives and academic researchers to align on research priorities and applications for microphysiological systems (MPS). Participants will share priorities, concerns, and challenges, leaving with a shared vision that will advance the state of MPS research in a direction that is relevant for both industry and academia. The workshop will include several short presentations aimed at setting the stage for fruitful discussions.


  • Hear from speakers about the current state of MPS
  • Engage with peers from both industry and academia
  • Discuss mutually beneficial research priorities and directions

COURSE AGENDA: Industry Needs for Microphysiological Systems

Drs. Hickman and Engle will discuss emerging industry needs for microphysiological systems and the ways in which those needs are and are not being met by current academic research. They will suggest some ways in which companies and academic researchers can cooperate to align their interests.

Academic Research Advances in Microphysiological Systems

Drs. Kamm and Takayama will present the current state of academic research on microphysiological systems and share the ways that they have collaborated with industry in the past. They will also share cutting-edge tools and techniques that are not currently in use in industry and suggest ways those tools and techniques might be used.

Discussion on Future Directions of Research

Participants will engage in small-group discussions about ways in which academic and industry researchers can support each other and pursue productive collaborations.


Hickman_DeanDean Hickman, PhD, Director, Preclinical and Site Lead for Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism, Amgen

Dr. Hickman is the Director of Preclinical Studies and the Site Lead for Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism at Amgen. He has a PhD in Pharmacogenetics from the University of Oxford and has worked in the field of industrial pharmacology for the past 22 years.

Engle_SandraSandra Engle, PhD, Director, Translational Cell Sciences, Stem Cells, and Genomic Engineering, Biogen

Dr. Engle is the Director of Translational Cell Sciences, Stem Cells, and Genomic Engineering at Biogen. She has a PhD in Human Medical and Molecular Genetics from the Indiana University School of Medicine and previously worked as a Senior Scientist and Research Fellow at Pfizer.

Kamm_RogerRoger Kamm, PhD, Cecil and Ida Green Distinguished Professor of Biological and Mechanical Engineering, MIT

Dr. Kamm’s research is focused on developing microfluidic platforms for mimicking the three-dimensional microenvironment and investigating the role of mechanical stimuli on cellular processes. Recently, his lab has been working on developing microphysiological disease models.

Takayama_SuichiShuichi Takayama, PhD, Price Gilbert, Jr. Chair in Regenerative Engineering and Medicine, Georgia Tech

Dr. Takayama’s research is focused on developing microfluidic technologies which can be used to create organs-on-a-chip models of lung, intestine, cancer, adipose, and other tissues.